Embrace the Difference

Hello, Hey there! I hope this message finds you well and that things are going smoothly for you. I know this year has brought its share of challenges, but I hope you’ve managed to find some moments to relax and recharge. I’m sending you positive energy and strength, hoping you’re staying resilient and pushing through. […]

Who Took Care Of You Today?

Are you taking time out for yourself? There are some of us, gearing up to surprise the special someone in our lives with pampering and those special gifts they won’t buy for themselves. (Click Link above I Deserve Flowers Too.) How about in addition to doing all that special stuff why not do something to […]


Finally!      This had been a long time coming and a major overhaul. During this time there have been many changes, setbacks and major learning curves. So, we decided to ride the tail winds of all the rest of the reboots and officially relaunch our website.  The name is the same just changed the logo […]

We Are Back!

Yes, Finally, We are back. This past two and a half years has taken a toll on everyone. I am certain everyone had their trials during this pandemic. Unfortunately, it has been a time of loss, reflection, realization and for some, creating new endeavors Here’s Our New Look During this time off, we have revamped […]

Social Media

Hello Everyone, It has been a very rewarding, yet chaotic couple weeks. I have to say that I am very pleased with the outcome. This post will be short and sweet. I have said previously that if you guys follow haircareemporium.com on either of the social media’s I will leave a coupon code for you […]

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