Who Took Care Of You Today?

Are you taking time out for yourself?

I Deserve Flowers Too!

There are some of us, gearing up to surprise the special someone in our lives with pampering and those special gifts they won’t buy for themselves. (Click Link above I Deserve Flowers Too.) How about in addition to doing all that special stuff why not do something to treat yourself. This is something, where it does not have to be just for a special occasion, but for whenever you feel you need to rejuvenate yourself.

Yes! I am referring to Self-Care.

I love Myself Unselfishly!

I understand that we all have busy lives, and caring for people and carrying the whole world on our shoulders. But there comes a time, when you may feel, exhausted, pulled in every direction, and just can’t seem to get a break. Self-Care is as important as breathing.  No longer can we as human beings continue to neglect what our mind and bodies need. It is imperative to take time out and care for ourselves other than the occasional once a year or birthday and holiday. Because of the increasing demands of everyday life, it is important to relax, meditate, or take a few deep and conscious breaths on a daily basis. Find affirmations to lift your spirits or create your own like the one above.  Not to mention, if you are Not taking care of you, there will be nothing for you to give to your family, friends, co-workers, or the people who are counting on you.  It is not selfish to put yourself first.  Love Yourself Unapologetically!

Many Blessings


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