This had been a long time coming and a major overhaul. During this time there have been many changes, setbacks and major learning curves. So, we decided to ride the tail winds of all the rest of the reboots and officially relaunch our website.  The name is the same just changed the logo and shortened the name for convenience.  



Phone: 1(770) 229-7150


Twitter:     @hceuscom

Stay tuned, and close to your social media.  There will be surprises, discounts posted on social media, so Don’t Miss Out.

Stop By

Everyone stop by. There is something for everyone. I know we just celebrated Mother’s Day, but as parents we are on the job 24/7, 365/366 days a year. With that said, Stop by for any occasion and stay tuned to our Social Media for discounts, promotions and possibly give away.

What’s Important

This time off, has allowed for reflection and examining what’s important. Here at HCEUS Hair Care Emporium, it’s more than just about grooming, and quality products. It’s about providing you with information for health, trending topics and even a bit of mental health check in. So, I want to officially Welcome You to the HCEUS Family. Remember, Stand tall and wear that crown! for you are a beautiful, audacious, and phenomenal human being.

P.S. Keep in mind Father’s Day is around the corner, so get a head start on something for the special father figure in your life.


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